The Sea of Galilee

Today we drove around the Sea of Galilee, seeing such beauty and wonderful diversity of life and crops. It seems that every type of fruit and vegetable is grown here! We rode a boat and stopped in the middle of the lake to hear the sounds of the lake. It was only disrupted once by jet skis. That made us Hartwellians feel “right at home.” The Sea of Galilee is so beautiful. Its waters are blue and a light haze hovered over the lake and the mountains that surround it. The Sea of Galilee is the lowest fresh body of water on earth, yet it is teaming with life within its waters and around its shores.

This is in complete and utter comparison with the lowest body of water on earth, the Dead Sea, which is just down the Jordon River. While distance is only one hour and forty five minutes by car, it is an entirely different ecological system. Its waters do not team with ANY life and its shores are covered with desert. The Dead Sea is dead simply because it only receives water and gives none away! Is that not like our lives and the lives of those around us? Those that always take and never give are not living in Christ, they are DEAD in Christ. We must give to receive, we must die to live, and we must offer ourselves, as Paul said, as LIVING sacrifices.

What truths we can learn from the land!!!!!

Lillian, Sandra, Bob and Kathy in front of the Sea of Galilee
Lillian, Sandra, Bob and Kathy in front of the Sea of Galilee

By Dr. Allen Stewart

Dr. R. Allen Stewart was appointed to Hartwell First United Methodist Church in 2003.  His gifts of preaching and teaching are being utilized every Sunday and throughout the week as he leads this dynamic and growing congregation.  Allen is a devoted husband to his wife Tracey and father to three beautiful daughters, Lauren, Taylar, and Ashton.
 His vision for Hartwell First UMC is to be the church that God shall have us be.  Nothing more and nothing less.  He is called to help persons to find their role in church and thus, in life.  He works in the community of Hartwell and Hart County on various community support groups and committees.