Family Night

Walking With Wesley

Become part of this 8 week journey in learning about our church and our faith. Questions will be explored in discussion/dialogue format on topics such as:

  • What is the difference between the United Methodist Church and the Baptist Church?
  • How is our church organized?
  • Who is John Wesley and why does Allen often talk about him?
  • What is on top of the steeple?

The class will start promptly at 6:00 PM following Family Night Supper. First session is Sept. 9.

Please register for class each week so we will know the number to expect.

Bring your Bible, pens, and notebooks weekly.

For more info e-mail: Dr. R. Allen Stewart at MArk Murphy at

Our Schedule:

September 9 Introduction and Fellowship
16 Wesley as a Person/Questions
23 Articles of Religion
30 No Class – Fall Break
October 7 Articles of Religion
14 History of Methodism
21 History of Methodism
28 History of HFUMC/Conclusion


Missions on the Homefront

During the week of July 13-17 the young adults of HFUMC joined hands with the youth of First Baptist in a local mission project. The teams did minor repair, painting, deck construction on a home in Bowersville. Troy stated, “We were excited to have this opportunity to do mission work  in our area.”

Website News

Publishing to the Site

If you have any newsworthy information  that you would like to see published on the web site, please e-mail Cindy Pace .


Linc, We Thank You

LincOn Sunday, May 31 we said good-bye to one of our staff, Linc Wood. Linc has been providing beautiful organ music for over 10 years. Linc has dedicated himself in perfecting his music to the glory of Christ. We were priviledged to have been blessed by his performances.

After marrying, he and wife Charlene have been commuting from Atlanta every Sunday. Linc has now taken a position with Cannon UMC in Snellville, GA. He and Charlene will become members of another church family. We wish them much happiness in their new life. They will always have a place in our hearts.Linc and Charlene, come see us when you come home to visit.

Website News

Our New Website…

It was time to enter the 21st century and provide our members with the latest developments in technology. We wanted to reach more people than ever before and spread the word that Jesus Christ is Lord. But developing a new website would be costly, and we were experiencing an economic crunch. After much prayerful consideration, God found a solution.

One of our members, Amanda Pace Shoemaker, is a web developer in Atlanta. She told her mom that she would like to give back to the church with her God-given talents. Amanda has spent in excess of 60 hours developing the site. Then, she turned it over to her mom to input data and pictures.

We are grateful to Amanda for her generosity. She and her husband Eric (a designer) are now moving to San Francisco where he has accepted a position of Senior Designer. Amanda will continue her photography business (Capturinglight) and web development.

Thank you, Amanda.