In the footsteps of Jesus and Paul

Today we visited Cesaria, where Paul was imprisoned twice. We saw the ruins of Herod’s palace on the Mediterranean sea. Then we ventured to Megiddo, a city dating back to Canaanite times. There we saw the oldest Canaanite altar found to date in the Holy Land. After walking through a tunnel that Ahab had dug out of solid rock, we then visited Nazareth, the boyhood and young adult home of Jesus. Lastly, we visited Cana of Galilee, where Jesus preformed his first miracle, turning water to wine.

We marvel at the distances that Jesus walked and how rough the terrain is. Our savior did so much for all of us! He healed and taught in many of the villages we rode through today. We see Christian, Moslem, and Jew working side by side in many of these areas. We encounter big smiles and waves of joy. While there are reminders of sadness, the Canaanite altar, there are so many more stories and gestures of joy and peace. Christ does live today. He is alive in His land, but also in our land. Isn’t it great to be alive in Christ!

Our group at Cesaria
Our group at Cesaria

By Dr. Allen Stewart

Dr. R. Allen Stewart was appointed to Hartwell First United Methodist Church in 2003.  His gifts of preaching and teaching are being utilized every Sunday and throughout the week as he leads this dynamic and growing congregation.  Allen is a devoted husband to his wife Tracey and father to three beautiful daughters, Lauren, Taylar, and Ashton.
 His vision for Hartwell First UMC is to be the church that God shall have us be.  Nothing more and nothing less.  He is called to help persons to find their role in church and thus, in life.  He works in the community of Hartwell and Hart County on various community support groups and committees.