In Israel and ready to go……..

Well, our flight was uneventful (PTL) and we actually landed in Israel 45 minutes early. Many thanks to Don and Linda Portratz for giving us a lift!! I am looking out my window at this moment at a full moon over the Sea of Galilee. What a sight!

We will begin at 8 in the morning and start our journey. What a priviledge to be here, in the footsteps of Jesus, with Lillian and Kathy Wysong and Bob and Sandra Story. Mike, our guide, says hello to all our pilgrims from the November trip.

Other than the pushy Europeons trying to muscle Lillian out of the way from dinner, all is well. Check daily for updates and some tid-bits of informaiton. I will be praying for our eintire church here, I brought the new directory, and I will be placing our prayer list in the Western Wall for special prayers.

Have a blessed day in Hartwell!!

By Dr. Allen Stewart

Dr. R. Allen Stewart was appointed to Hartwell First United Methodist Church in 2003.  His gifts of preaching and teaching are being utilized every Sunday and throughout the week as he leads this dynamic and growing congregation.  Allen is a devoted husband to his wife Tracey and father to three beautiful daughters, Lauren, Taylar, and Ashton.
 His vision for Hartwell First UMC is to be the church that God shall have us be.  Nothing more and nothing less.  He is called to help persons to find their role in church and thus, in life.  He works in the community of Hartwell and Hart County on various community support groups and committees.