United Young Adults – Young Adult Ministry
UYA is geared toward 17-30 year old singles in the Hartwell, Franklin, Elberton communities, but not limited to those areas. We meet every Thursday evening at 6:30 in the new young adult facility in the gym/coffee shop area located directly behind the church.

UMW – United Methodist Women
The purpose of the United Methodist Women is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ, to develop a creative, supportive fellowship, and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.

UMM – United Methodist Men
The United Methodist Men is a band of brothers who join together to strengthen their character and learn to help one another. Our mission is to encourage men to be disciples through study, fellowship, and volunteer work. We gather together for a men’s breakfast in the fellowship hall the second Sunday of the month. On Thursdays we meet at Ingles and the Green Bean Café.

Sojourners is a group of senior adults who are young at heart. On the first Wednesday of each month, we meet to share food and fellowship. We have special events planned throughout the year such as a June picnic, a Christmas dinner and several day trips. Staying active with others proves to be a great technique for staying young.

Children’s Ministries
At Hartwell First the children’s ministry provides the opportunity for them to grow in the Word of God in order to be equipped to go into the world as disciples of Christ. The range of activities is numerous from Sunday School and Children’s Church weekly, Blast-off worship monthly, children’s choir, Wednesday Night Wild, Kids’ Bible Study,Vacation Bible School in the summer, and Pre-school during the school year. Here, children are loved and valued. We offer a place for them to grow mentally, physically, spiritually, and socially. We subscribe to the philosophy that it takes an entire church to raise a child.

Kingdom Life (Youth Ministry)
 Kingdom Life is our middle and high school youth ministry. Our goal is to create environments where students prioritize their relationship with Christ, influence their friends, and experience personal ministry. We have weekly activities as well as retreats that help students grow in their faith. Check out our website for more information.

Mission work is an integral part of the many ministries we offer. Our programs are the foundations for spreading the good news of Jesus Christ. Human and financial support are given to local, national and global communities. Some examples of past mission projects are Habitat for Humanity, Second Helping  Dinner, Outreach, revival, Hart County Clothes Closet, Red Cross Blood Drives, Honduras Missions, Hurricane Relief on the Gulf Coast and the Bahamas, Wesley Walk, and  Stephen Ministry.  Team members serve as representatives of our church, and their opportunities to spread God’s word and love through their work, words and actions are limitless. It is our desire that each person at HFUMC will participate in at least one mission. No special skills are required. All you need is a willing and loving heart. Just as you help change the life of others, so will your life be changed.

Care Groups
Care Groups are support groups that provide additional avenues for individuals to begin the healing process. People who are dealing with addictions, illnesses, divorce, loss of employment, grief and loss are extended comfort, solace and compassion by this ministry.


The mission of the music department of Hartwell First United Methodist Church is to enhance the worship atmosphere through the inspiring lyrics and instrumentation of classic religious musical presentations along with contemporary compositions of praise and worship at the weekly services and throughout the year at cantatas and special music offerings. The music department offers the opportunity for children, teens, and adults to serve the Lord, using the talents He has given them, to exalt Him, and to spread His message of love, hope, and good news.

Family Night Suppers
On Wednesday nights at 5:30 families gather together in the fellowship hall to share a meal and enjoy a prepared program. A welcome break from the hectic work week, we worship as a group and enjoy great fellowship.

Disciple Groups
As a member of a disciple group you will go beyond a simple, short-term study of scripture. Each student receives a study manual that contains a daily Bible reading and study assignment. Then, individuals meet together as a group once each week for 2 hours throughout the 9-month course.  Disciple leads you into a deeper understanding about who you are, who God is, and what your relationship with God may be. The Disciple series enables you to grasp Biblical narrative and to understand the historical and social context of the Bible’s development. While Disciple will inform you, its primary purpose is to transform you into a biblically and spiritually based disciple of Jesus Christ. Some classes meet on Sunday Evenings and others during weekday mornings and evenings.

Sunday School
At Hartwell First we provide opportunities for Christian education from the youngest to the oldest member of our congregation. Many classes are offered at 10:00 AM each Sunday. Through educating our membership we hope to build a caring and creative community and become servants of Jesus Christ throughout the world. Call the church office at 376-3164 so we can recommend a class that will be the right fit for you.

According to the United Methodist Church Organization (UMCOR), the purpose of the church council is to plan a program of nurture, outreach, and witness; implement the plan; provide an administrative infrastructure; align the plan with the mission of the church; evaluate the effectiveness of the plan; act as the administrative agency of the charge conference. The church council exists to create a strategic plan for a local congregation. Therefore, its primary work is one of leadership rather than management.

We provide the young children in our community with a loving Christ-centered environment where they may grow, develop, learn and be equipped for future education. The teachers provide planned activities that seek to meet the emotional, physical, mental, social, and spiritual needs of each child within a caring, Christian environment.

Stephen Ministry
Stephen Ministry is composed of members of our church who are trained to provide emotional and spiritual care to people who are hurting. This person will listen, care, encourage, pray, and walk alongside you during difficult times. It is a confidential and free service.