Chick-N-Que a Success





The United Methodist Men would like to thank everyone who bought a ticket for the chick-n-que last Sunday. The fund-raiser was very successful. These monies will be used to support the following missions:

  • Wesley Walk
  • Jailhouse ministry
  • Rock Eagle Schlarships
  • Swimming Lessons at theYMCA
  • Polar Bear Plunge
  • Dam Run
  • Camp Glisson for Kids

Thanks to all who volunteered their time on Saturday and Sunday to prepare the food and serve it.

Sermon Sound Bites

Allen’s Sermon Sound Bites- August 23, 2009

{Sound bite: Mark Twain described the concept as “a minimum of sound to a maximum of sense.” It is characterized by a short phrase or sentence that deftly captures the essence of what the speaker is trying to say. …}

“Be willing to change directions but not the course. The course must stay the same.”

“Balance in life is what we take in and give out i.e. how we receive God’s grace and share God’s grace.”

“If you are subject to a thing, then that thing is an idol.”

“The hope is in the truth, not the lie.”

“Something always starts with nothing.”


August 23,2009 Bulletin

Aug 23, 2009


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August 2009 Newsletter


August 16, 2009 Bulletin

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