UMM Retreat 2017

On The Night You Were Born

Psalm 139 Psalms Now (Leslie Brandt)

O God, YOU know me inside and out, through and through.  Everything I do, every thought that flits through my mind, every step I take, every plan I make, every word I speak, YOU know, even before these things happen.

YOU know my past; YOU know my future.

YOUr circumventing presence covers my every move.

YOUr knowledge of me sometime comforts me, sometimes frightens me, but always it is far beyond my comprehension.

There is no way to escape YOU, no place to hide.

If I ascend to the heights of joy, YOU are there before me.

If I am plunged into the depths of despair, YOU are there to meet me.

I could fly to the other side of our world and find YOU there to lead the way.

I could walk in the darkest of nights, only to find YOU there to lighten its dismal hours.

YOU were present at my very conception.

YOU guided the molding of my unformed members within the body of my mother.  Nothing about me, from beginning to end, was hid from YOUr eyes.

How frightfully, fantastically wonderful it all is!